Everything you need to know about Naked Scuba Diving

Naked scuba diving is a recent trend that has been gaining popularity among adventurous divers. Is it allowed? Where can you do it? Should you try it? In this blog post, we will explore the world of naked scuba diving and answer all of your questions!

naked scuba diving

Tradition: Dive your 100th dive naked

Naked scuba diving is not a new concept. In fact, it has been around for decades as an informal tradition among divers. To celebrate their 100th dive, some divers choose to do so nakedly. This is done out of respect for the sea and its wildlife; the idea being that you are naked in front of nature and therefore more respectful of its beauty.

You actually might be surprised how many people follow this tradition and even share their experiences on social media. There are several hashtags starting with “#naked” and are followed with different combinations to describe the sport of scuba diving.

Is naked scuba diving legal?

The legality of naked scuba diving varies by jurisdiction and also depends on where you decide to go. Generally speaking, if you’re going to be naked while scuba diving, then you should check with local authorities before doing so in order to ensure that your activity is allowed.

Safety first – even when scuba diving naked

Safety should always be your top priority when naked scuba diving. While you may feel vulnerable without a wetsuit on, it is important to understand that the ocean is an unpredictable environment and that safety measures should always come first. Ensure you have all the necessary safety gear (mask, fins, regulator, knife etc.) in case of unexpected weather or water conditions. Additionally, make sure to research the area before entering and never dive alone.

Plan your dive carefully

Make sure to pick the right environment and dive time. The water temperature should be at least over 70 degrees Fahrenheit (22 °C) so that it is safe to dive without a wetsuit. Additionally, plan that you may use more air than usual because it’s a different experience, as well as that you might get cold – even in warmer waters. It’s therefore recommended, to not do a drift dive.

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Should You Try It?

Whether or not naked scuba diving is right for you will depend on personal preference and comfort level with being naked underwater. Ultimately, naked scuba diving is a unique experience that allows you to celebrate your 100th dive in a special way while respecting the beauty of the sea. If you have a good understanding of safety measures and are comfortable with being naked, then naked scuba diving may be something worth trying!

In conclusion, naked scuba diving is an interesting experience that has been around for decades. It requires research into local regulations and an understanding of safety measures to ensure a safe dive. Ultimately, whether or not naked scuba diving is right for you will depend on your comfort level with being naked underwater. So think carefully before deciding if naked scuba diving is something you want to try!

 Happy (Naked) Diving!

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