How to Blow Bubble Rings Underwater: A Step-by-Step Guide

We all have seen that one diver that blows bubble rings at the safety stop. In this guide, we will teach you how you can be that diver. Practice our step-by-step guide on how to blow bubble rings underwater.

how to blow bubble rings

2 different ways to blow bubble rings as a scuba diver

Generally, there are two different methods to make an underwater bubble ring as a recreational scuba diver. First, by bursting out air with your mouth around your tongue. And secondly, by using the air bubbles you create by normally breathing through your regulator and shooting rings with your hands.

Method 1: How to blow bubble rings exhaling underwater in 5 easy steps?

  1. Take a breath from your regulator
  2. (Briefly) Hold your breath – that’s why it’s crucial only to blow bubble rings underwater when staying at the same depth level, so the air in your lungs doesn’t expand. Remember the first rule of scuba diving – never hold your breath.
  3. Remove your regulator from your mouth
  4. Gently purse your lips together, with the tip of your tongue sticking out just slightly.
  5. Release a forceful blast of air by quickly opening your lips and forming a perfect circle with them. As you practice, you’ll begin to recognize that if you don’t extend your tongue slightly, it can block the bubbles from creating their desired shape.

Your first practice

When learning how to make a bubble ring while recreational scuba diving, it will be easier if you lay horizontally facing the surface. This will help with the circular shape and not disfigure your underwater bubble rings.

Make sure you watch your depth and don’t descend or ascend while practicing.

how to make bubble rings

Learn how to blow a bubble ring in a pool

Granted, it’s easier to practice in a confined environment – such as a pool.

When preparing, make sure to wear goggles and ideally find a weight that can hold you underwater. Overall, your lungs will be full and drive you to the surface when laying still on the pool floor.

  1. Take a deep breath and dive down
  2. Lay in a horizontal position
  3. Hold your breath
  4. Gently press your lips together while extending the tip of your tongue outwards
  5. Unleash a burst of air by abruptly opening your lips while keeping the ideal round shape around the tip of your tongue

Method 2: How to make bubble rings using your hands underwater

This method to create an underwater bubble ring uses the bubbles coming out of your regulator and movement of hands, rather than the exhaling technique.

  1. You need to create a stream of bubbles in front of you. This can be tricky in your vertical diving position. You can alter your body in a vertical position, tilt your head slightly, and breathe. A constant stream of air moves up, next to your head. Now, you can push the bubbles in front of you with your palm.
  2. When you have a stream of air in front of you, form two fists and press your knuckles together.
  3. Release your knuckles with force outward and to the sides. (as if you have to break your hands-free from chuckles)

This won’t work on the first try or every time (if you had beginner’s luck), so keep practicing and have fun with it.

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