Dive with Sharks at Molokini Back Wall in Maui

Molokini Back Wall is located near the shore of Maui in Hawaii. It’s one of Maui’s famous dive sites to dive with white-tip reef sharks.

The site is also known for its unique shape as part of a volcanic crater. Divers can expect to encounter deep vertical drops and a diverse range of sea life. 

Back Wall of Molokini

Molokini Back Wall Dive Site Brief

  • Maximum Depth: 130 feet (40 meters)
  • Visibility: Up to 200 feet (61 meters)
  • Dive Time: Varies, but typically around 45 minutes
  • Required Certification Level: Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Current: Can be strong, requiring experience in handling
  • Type of Dive Site: Wall dive, part of a volcanic crater

About Molokini Back Wall Dive Site

The Molokini Back Wall is a popular dive site that is renowned for its crystal-clear waters. The water is incredibly clear due to the absence of sand and sediment, which is a result of the rocky makeup of the area. 

This clarity allows divers to experience an unparalleled underwater adventure and see a wide range of over 250 marine species.  

molokini back wall

Apart from these magnificent creatures, the dive site also features a variety of reef fish, eels, rays, and sea slugs. These creatures make the dive site a haven for marine enthusiasts who want to experience a diverse range of underwater life. 

Above water, the Molokini Back Wall is a seabird sanctuary that attracts several species such as shearwaters and frigatebirds. Watching these birds in their natural habitat is a unique experience in itself and adds to the overall charm of the dive site.

The Dive Plan for Molokini Back Wall Dive Site

To make the most of your excursion, it’s recommended to start in the early morning when the sea conditions are smoother. You’ll depart on a boat from Maui and head towards the Molokini Crater, which is a partially submerged volcanic caldera.

back wall molokini dive

As you begin your dive along the Molokini Back Wall, you’ll be amazed by the breathtaking sights of the underwater world. The wall is abundant with diverse marine life, such as sharks, eels, octopuses, and colorful fish, to name just a few. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the deep drop-offs and admire the beautiful coral formations that line the wall.

However, it’s important to note that this dive is mainly suited for experienced divers due to its depth and challenges. The wall drops down to depths of up to 360 feet (110 meters), and the currents can be quite strong. Of course, we can only stay within the recreational limits of 130 feet (40 meters). Therefore, it’s crucial to watch your dive computer and stay close to your buddy.

Common questions about Molokini Back Wall in Maui

Is this dive suitable for beginners?

The Molokini Back Wall dive isn’t ideal for beginners. It’s best for advanced divers because of the deep water and strong currents. Beginners should get more experience before trying this dive.

What certification level is required to dive at Molokini Back Wall Dive Site?

To dive at Molokini Back Wall, you need an Advanced Open Water Diver certification or similar experience. This level is required because of the site’s depth and currents, ensuring diver safety and enjoyment.

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