An Explorer’s Guide to Scuba Diving in Puerto Rico

When most people think of scuba diving, they picture crystal clear waters and colorful fish. While this is certainly the case in some parts of the world, there are also plenty of other scuba diving destinations that are just as beautiful and offer a unique experience. Puerto Rico is one such place. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced scuba diver, you’ll find something to love about scuba diving in Puerto Rico. In this blog post, we’ll provide an explorer’s guide to scuba diving in Puerto Rico – including the best dive sites and what you can expect to see underwater.

scuba diving in puerto rico

To start your scuba diving adventure in Puerto Rico, you’ll need to head to one of the main dive sites. The best part about scuba diving in Puerto Rico is that there is no shortage of interesting places to explore – from shallow reefs and walls full of colorful corals to deeper wrecks and caves. Some of the top sites include La Parguera Nature Reserve, Fajardo Islands Marine Preserve, Mona Island National Wildlife Refuge, Isla de Cabras Marine Reserve, and Desecheo Island National Park. Each site has its own unique set of features like coral gardens, sea creatures like stingrays and eels, shipwrecks, and underwater caverns.

10 Best Scuba Dive Sites in Puerto Rico

1. La Parguera Nature Reserve: This is a great site for both beginners and experienced divers, with shallow reefs full of colorful corals, sea creatures like stingrays and eels, and some wrecks to explore.

2. Fajardo Islands Marine Preserve: Located in the eastern part of Puerto Rico, this preserve offers some excellent wall dives with plenty of marine life including nurse sharks, barracudas, eagle rays, and more.

3. Mona Island National Wildlife Refuge: This remote island is home to pristine waters filled with soft and hard corals, turtles, moray eels, nurse sharks and so much more!

4. Isla de Cabras Marine Reserve: Off the coast of San Juan, you can explore a mix of shallow and deeper reefs full of incredible corals and sea life.

5. Desecheo Island National Park: This small island is home to some amazing reef dives, with plenty of turtles, nurse sharks, eels, schools of fish and more.

6. Aguadilla Bay Dive Site: Located off the northwest corner of Puerto Rico, this bay offers wall and cave dives filled with colorful sponges and coral formations as well as giant barracudas.

7. La Olla Reef: Just south of Guanica in the southwest corner of Puerto Rico, this dive spot has an abundance of marine life, including stingrays, moray eels and much more.

8. La Piedra Point: This dive site is located off the southwest coast of Puerto Rico and offers some amazing wall dives full of colorful coral gardens and plenty of marine life.

9. Desecheo Island Shipwreck: Located in the southeast corner of Puerto Rico, this site is home to a sunken US Navy Destroyer that lies in about 40 feet of water and makes for an interesting dive.

10. Caja de Muertos Island: Located to the south of Ponce, this island has some fantastic shallow reefs with plenty of fish, as well as deeper wrecks that lie at depths of about 70 feet.

Are there sharks in Puerto Rico?

Yes, there are sharks in Puerto Rico. The most common type is the Caribbean Reef Shark, which can be found at many of the dive sites around the island. Other species such as nurse sharks and hammerhead sharks have also been seen in certain areas. Read our full Puerto Rico sharks guide for information.

How much does it cost to scuba dive in Puerto Rico?

The cost of scuba diving in Puerto Rico varies depending on where you go and how long you stay. Generally, a single-tank dive will cost between $50-$90 USD, while packages that include multiple dives are usually discounted. Some resorts also offer all-inclusive packages which can save money in the long run. It’s always best to check prices with the dive operator before you book.

Where can I rent scuba gear in Puerto Rico?

There are many dive shops located throughout Puerto Rico that offer scuba equipment rental. Most of these shops have everything needed for a successful dive, including tanks, weights, wetsuits, and masks. Prices vary depending on the type of gear and how long you plan to rent it for. It’s always best to check with the shop before booking to ensure they have what you need.

What is the best time of year to scuba dive in Puerto Rico?

The best time of year for scuba diving in Puerto Rico is usually from mid-April through to late October. During this time the water is warm and clear with excellent visibility, making it a great time for diving. It’s also worth noting that Puerto Rico experiences more rain during the summer months, so make sure to check the weather forecast before planning your dive trip.

What certification level do I need to scuba dive in Puerto Rico?

In order to scuba dive in Puerto Rico, you must have at least an Open Water certification. However, most of the best sites require an advanced certification or higher due to the depths and currents that can be encountered. It’s always best to check with your local dive center before booking any dives to ensure you have the correct certification.

What kind of marine life can I expect to see when scuba diving in Puerto Rico?

When scuba diving in Puerto Rico, you can expect to see a variety of colorful reef fish and coral formations. There are also plenty of larger marine animals such as turtles, stingrays, moray eels, and nurse sharks that can be spotted at deeper depths. You may even get lucky and spot some whales or dolphins if you’re lucky!


Scuba diving in Puerto Rico is an incredible experience and you’ll be sure to have a memorable time exploring the diverse marine life that can be found underwater. So if you’re looking for an unforgettable adventure, consider planning your next scuba diving trip to Puerto Rico!

No matter which dive site you choose, Puerto Rico has plenty of incredible scuba diving spots to explore. With colorful coral gardens, sea creatures like stingrays and eels, and sunken ships, there’s something for everyone in this Caribbean paradise. So if you’re looking for a unique scuba diving experience, make sure to head to Puerto Rico!

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