Explore the marine life diversity at the Hin Pee Wee dive site in Koh Tao

The Hin Pee Wee dive site is one of the most visited dive sites in Koh Tao. This is also due to its proximity to the HTMS Sattakut shipwreck, just 100 feet south of Hin Pee Wee. The dive site is famous for its abundance of marine life and small pinnacles reaching from the bottom.

hin pee wee coral

Usually, this dive site is just a pass-by after the shipwreck dive, but you could spend an entire dive exploring the rock formations.

About Hin Pee Wee in Koh Tao

Situated on the west side of Koh Tao, Hin Pee Wee You’ll find the central rock pinnacle roughly eight meters below sea level, and nearby lie numerous smaller stone formations whose depths extend down to a staggering 92 feet (28 meters).

The visibility can be very low at 7 – 33 feet (2 – 10 meters).

Hin Pee Wee dive site brief

  • Access: From boat
  • Maximum depth: 92 feet/ 28 meters 
  • Visibility: 7 – 33 feet (2 – 10 meters)
  • Dive time: 45 minutes 
  • Certification level: Advanced Open Water
  • Current: medium
  • Type: rocks, deep (usually in combination with wreck dive)
green sea turtle koh tao at hin pee wee dive site

What’s to see at Hin Pee Wee

Exploring Hin Pee Wee is an exhilarating experience with its vast array of hard and soft corals. You are bound to encounter numerous fish species including brown barred grouper, angelfish, moon wrasse, long-faced emperorfish, or damsel fish. Prepare to be mesmerized when you witness massive schools of energetic yellow tail barracuda, alongside different snappers and the occasional visit of sea snakes. This remarkable dive spot is overflowing with life! Great barracuda circle the pinnacle’s top, scorpion fish hide camouflaged in cracks, while sea turtles lounge on its ledges.

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Can you see whale sharks at Hin Pee Wee?

Whale sharks have been spotted at Hin Pee Wee, however, they are more common at the close-by HTMS Sattakut dive site. Whale sharks prefer the open water and Hin Pee Wee is scattered with rock formations. Additionally, you might just not see a whale shark swimming by due to its mediocre visibility.

The best chance to see a whale shark in Koh Tao is at Chumphon Pinnacle.

whale shark hin pee wee koh tao

What certification is required to dive at Hin Pee Wee?

The dive at Hin Pee Wee in Koh Tao, Thailand is a deep dive and usually not an individual dive but rather an extension after the HTMS Sattakut shipwreck dive. Therefore, divers must obtain the Advanced Open Water certification. However, Hin Pee Wee is often used for certification courses and training purposes. Also, nitrox divers, who have even more bottom time to explore the wreck, often come by to witness the vast marine life diversity at Hin Pee Wee.

How much does a dive at Hin Pee Wee cost?

Koh Tao offers some of the most cost-effective scuba diving prices on the market. A single dive will usually begin at around 1,000 Thai Baht (roughly 30 USD). Plus, if you opt for multiple dives up to 10, it can be reduced down to 800 TBH (nearly 25 USD) per dive! Therefore, a two-tank fun dive would come out to only 50 USD in total.

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