Cenote Chac Mool Dive Site Brief

The Chac Mool cenote is located in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, between Playa del Carmen 15 miles (25 km), and Tulum 25 miles (40 km). Scuba operators from both destinations have this stunning cenote dive in their portfolio – especially for cavern divers. But there are also parts open for Open Water and Advanced Open Water divers.

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About Chac Mool Cenote

The Chac Mool dive site is on private land. Therefore, divers have to pay a small entrance fee of 250 pesos. The fee is used to maintain the land and even make it diver-friendly. There are robust tables or stations to assemble your gear next to the entrances.

At Chac Mool, three are entrances to the cenotes within 55 yards (50 meters) from each other. Usually, you will conduct two different dives (2-tank dive) to discover two different cenotes: Cenote Kukulkan and Little Brother.

Cenote Kukulkan is the largest cenote. When the sun is out, Cenote Kukulkan puts on an awe-inspiring show of light refraction. Not only that but its halocline and thermoclines—where saltwater meets freshwater—create breathtaking visual effects along with a change in temperature that you can feel.

Little Brother has large rooms and air pockets (the Air Dome) with large formations of stalagmites and stalactites, as well as cave fauna.

The dive plan for Chac Mool Cenote

Kukulcán is an ideal cenote for recreational cave diving – on bright and sunny days, divers will be able to witness magnificent light displays. Divers will also descend through the halocline.

Their second dive brings them into Cenote Little Brother. As part of this dive, you can surface up and explore the Air Dome full of impressive stalagmites and stalactites. This surface interval is surely special for every diver.

Not only does Lil’ Bro’ boast large rooms, but also remarkable visibility levels, smooth water flow, and a maximum depth of up to 40 feet (12 m).

For all you experienced, certified Cave Divers out there; Chac Mool also has long penetration caves too. 

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Dive site brief: Chac Mool

  • Access: From shore
  • Average depth: 30 feet/ 10 meters
  • Maximum depth: 40 feet/ 12 meters
  • Visibility: 30 – 100 feet/ 10 – 30 meters
  • Dive time: 40 – 60 minutes per dive; 2 tank dive
  • Certification level: Open Water (some operators prefer or require Advanced Open Water – make sure to check before booking)
  • Water temperature: 77F/25C

Best time to go

If you’re looking to explore the depths of Chac Mool Cenote, no matter what time of year it is, you can do so with ease. The air temperature remains relatively warm (25-30C/77-86F) and the water holds a comfortable 25C/77F throughout all seasons.

Some parts of the dive are open and therefore sunny days in the morning or early afternoon deliver the best light scenes. 

What to see at Chac Mool

At the Doom Room, adventurous divers can surface and be mesmerized by stunning stalactites and fossils scattered about the collapsed ceiling. On sunny days, entering from Kukulkan’s side, visitors will be captivated by a dazzling light show sure to leave an impression on them for years to come.

As for many cenote dives in the area, the acid layer (halocline, where freshwater and saltwater layers meet) is spectacular to see. You can find this experience at El Pit or Cenote Angelita in Tulum.

Beyond cavern fauna and rock formations, you may be surprised about marine life like turtles.

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