All shipwrecks to scuba dive in Phuket

Phuket has over 7 wrecks to explore for scuba divers. Some of these are nestled within dive sites, and one is a dedicated dive site. We are speaking about the King Cruiser wreck, which is one of the best scuba diving sites in Phuket. Most of the wrecks were purposely sunken in order to boast coral recreation around Racha Island dive sites.

king cruiser wreck

King Cruiser car ferry wreck

Experienced divers should not miss the most popular wreck located in Phuket. The MS King Cruiser wreck is a former car ferry that was used to shuttle tourists and locals between Phuket and Phi Phi. In 1997, the King Cruiser hit a rock pinnacle near the Anemone Reef on its daily trips to Phi Phi Island. The collision caused enough damage that the vessel sunk within hours. The wreck lies at depths ranging from 60 to 100 feet (18 – 30 m).

The ship stretches to a length of 279 feet (85 meters), is 82 feet wide (25 meters), and stands nearly 100 feet tall (30 meters).

Harruby liveaboard wreck at Racha Yai Bay 1 & 2

In 2009, a decision was made to purposefully sink an old steel-hulled liveaboard in order to relieve the pressure on the coral reefs at Racha Yai following the destruction of a tsunami.

Boasting in remarkable condition, the Harruby Liveaboard rests between Racha Yai Bays 1 and 2. Perfect for divers of any ability level, it is settled at 20 meters deep on its bottom, while its top hovers around 14 meters beneath the surface.

shipwreck diving phuket - harruby liveaboard

The water at Racha Yai is typically crystal clear, providing a perfect opportunity for exploration. With many of the vessel’s large openings, you will be able to easily discover what lies inside.

Marine life is attracted to this artificial reef. Lionfish, boxfish, batfish, as well as giant barracuda can be seen inside and around the wreck. Additionally, shrimps are calling the wreck their home. On lucky days, you may see Jenkins Rays swim by.

Andaman Eagle fishing boat wreck at Racha Yai Bay 2

A short journey east of Harruby will lead you to the abandoned Andaman Eagle Thai wooden fishing boat. It’s a sight that is both dilapidated and mesmerizing at once, with depths here averaging 24 meters deep. Experienced divers may find common reef fish in these waters; however, due to their condition, it’s not safe for penetration anymore.

shipwreck diving phuket

Sailboat wreck at Koh Racha Yai Bay 1 & Home Run Reef

If you are an experienced diver, the old sunken sailboat nestled 21 meters down at the northern part of Koh Racha Yai Bay 1 is a must-see. Because of its location close to Home Run Reef, it’s also called Home Run Reef wreck.

Despite its poor condition, it has become home to countless marine creatures including shrimps, snappers, and glassfish. Moreover, expect to see giant moray eels hovering around, as well as barracudas gliding majestically by. For any lucky adventurers out there – ornate ghost pipefish or Jenkins rays may appear, too.

Sometimes this wreck gets wrongly referred to as the “speedboat wreck”.

Siniran Andaman cargo ship wreck at Koh Racha Yai Bay 1

​In the summer of 2015, a fierce storm caused the Siniran Andaman, a Cambodian cargo ship, to seek shelter at Coral Island – only for it to tragically sink close by.

Some of the wreck was towed to Koh Racha Yai, contributing to the number of shipwrecks in Phuket. People often refer to her as “the Coral Island wreck” because of her sinking location.

The wreck sits now between 69 and 85 feet (21 and 26 meters). It’s home to many fish species like barracudas and snappers. The ship also allows for penetration for specialty trainer wreck divers.

shipwreck diving phuket - harruby

Remains of the Siniran Andaman at Koh Hae (Coral Bay) in Phuket

Some of the remains of the Siniran Andaman are still left behind at its sinking location. This adds a little extra for the frequent-dived Coral Island dive site. 

Marla’s Mystery wreck dive site in Phuket

Intentionally placed in the waters east of Bays 1 and 2, Marla’s Mystery lies 34 meters beneath the surface. Towering 15 meters deep from the waves’ crests, it was supposed to rest closer to shore; however, sadly this attempt failed and instead drifted away as it descended. As a result, few dive operators choose to tour here due to its remoteness – making this wreck incredibly difficult to locate.

Scooter wrecks at Racha Yai Bay 1 & 2

Adding, even more, to see at the Scuba Dive Park at Racha Yai Bay 1 and 2, are two sunken scooters that are famous picture spots for divers. 

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