Scuba diving the Bungalow Reef site on Koh Racha Yai in Phuket

Bungalow Reef is one of the most dived spots on Koh Racha Yai. Nestled on the western shore of Racha Yai Island, Bungalow Bay is home to the Bungalow Reef, a fabulous spot for new divers to launch their scuba explorations. During high season, when weather systems commonly come from the east, this location offers plenty of shelters – making it an ideal place to learn and adventure.

bungalow bay eagle ray

About Bungalow Reef at Koh Racha Yai and Phuket

A 90-minute cruise away from Chalong Bay lies one of Phuket’s best dive sites with its white sand beaches of Bangalow Bay at Koh Racha Yai. Divided into two distinct sections–north side and south side–this location offers plenty of opportunities to explore, relax or train on the soft sandy shores.

A plethora of aquatic life, from the most common reef fish like parrotfish, snapper, lionfish, grouper, and angelfish to some of the rarer inhabitants such as leaffish, razorfish and ghost pipefish can be found amongst these waters. Keep an eye out for sea turtles gliding gracefully through their habitat along with giant morays in search of a meal. Highlights for divers are eagle rays and sting rays swimming by or hiding in the sandy bottoms. While you search the sand, you might find cuttlefish there, too.

Bungalow Reef dive site brief

  • Access: From boat or shore
  • Maximum depth: 72 feet/ 22 meters
  • Visibility: 49 – 98 feet / 15 – 30 meters
  • Dive time: 60 minutes 
  • Certification level: Open Water
  • Current: light
  • Type: reef
bungalow bay manta ray

The dive plan for Bungalow Reef at Koh Racha Yai (Phuket)

Usually venturing out to the northern side first, divers can explore a reef slope of staghorn corals and small rock formations between 16-72 feet (5 – 22 meters)

deep provide the perfect contrast to its southern side’s stunningly beautiful array of vibrant staghorn and pore coral gardens, along with several colossal rocks at the edge that make this island paradise truly idyllic.

The depths of the sand may be home to a variety of sea creatures, including stingrays, flounder, cuttlefish, and octopus. Keep an eye out for some common reef fish too; snappers, goatfish, barracuda, lionfish scorpion fish, and surgeon fish are often nearby. You never know what you might find.

Scuba diving training at Bungalow Reef

Bungalow Reef is an excellent choice for beginners wanting to experience the beauty of diving. Its shallow waters and sandy patches make it ideal for new divers. The light current and great visibility allow for perfect learning conditions. What I like most about Bungalow Reef as a training site is, that the newbies will be hooked by the abundance of marine life. Who doesn’t want to see a turtle or even an eagle ray during their Open Water training course?!

bungalow bay turtle

Best time to dive at Bungalow Reef in Phuket?

You can dive all year round at Bungalow Reef, but the best time to come here is between October and April (outside the monsoon season). The water conditions are at their best during the high season.

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Some other great dive sites for all levels of divers are Siam Bay on Racha Yai, Lucy’s Reef at Bay 3, as well as Home Run Reef. Racha Yai Bay 1 & 2 have an artificial scuba diving park with wrecks and sunken scooters.

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